We are the only office in NWA providing vitalistic upper cervical specific spinal care.

Our new practice in Bentonville just opened in the Spring of 2010 and we are happy to serve all the communities of Northwest AR, from Bella Vista to Fayetteville, Siloam Springs to Eureka Springs to Berryville, Springdale to Centerton to Gravette, Pea Ridge to Farmington to Prairie Grove, and of course the core cities of Benton County including Rogers & Lowell. In fact, we even have clients from Joplin, MO, so truly our office is developing into a regional center for healing and wellness beyond NWA, including Northeast OK and Southwest MO.

Our focus is restoring your brain-to-body neurological connections without any popping, twisting, traction, or cracking! We specialize in the brain stem and spinal cord function and precision alignment of the joints in the upper neck.
Once you are connected and functioning, we expect your body to heal.
We can help people of all ages, regardless of your current condition.

Dr. Jason Blackketter, vitalistic upper cervical specific chiropractor is committed to helping you and your family move from merely surviving to thriving!

Come to Genesis for a new look at life and health.
Renew your hope,
Restore your health,
Revitalize Your Life,
Become Your Best!

Some of our current clients are seeing wonderful results with various conditions, including Fibromyalgia, neurological tics, MS, migraine headaches, cervicogenic cephalgia, neuralgia, sciatica, constipation, other bowel disorders, and many other problems.

Our core philosophy is simple: Your body is changing every day. It is growing either stronger or weaker. We can help you be your best and grow stronger and healthier. You have control over your health and life, but you need a clear neurological connection between your brain and body to function at your best.