Genevia  has always had a love for music and singing since she was twelve, Mostly country songs by such singers as Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, and Patsy Cline. She never had the opportunity to sing gospel music in church until she was married and begin to sing after receiving the Lord as her savior . When Genevia began singing gospel music in church you could see the love in her face for her Lord and Savior and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and conviction in her heart. Genevia founded SANCTIFIED HEARTS MINISTRIES in April 2001 . She has traveled to New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana, singing at the Louisiana Hayride and other different country showcase’s where she would open with gospel music for people such as Texas Country Hall of Fame inductees Anita Coffee, Bill Allen, and Nashville Grand Ole Opry stars such as Ernie Ashworth and Darrell McCall. In 2003 Genevia recorded her first CD titled “In His Hands” it was released under Christian Country Charts September of 2003, It hit the charts in October at number 38 to  rise to number 27 by April 2004, it remained on the charts for 18 months in that position. Currently Genevia is signed with Power Media Records & Entertainment and has a new Country Gospel CD released Sept 2011.

Performed  at the Louisiana Hayride's first all gospel show.
Open with gospel music for people such as Texas Country Hall of Fame inductees:
1. Anita Coffee
2. Bill Allen
Nashville Grand Ole Opry stars:
1. Ernie Ashworth
2. Darrell McCall.
Shared The Stage With
1. Melody Boys Quartet
2. Mark Lanier
Recording: IN HIS HANDS
1. # 27 for 18 months in Christian Country Charts,  It also hit the top 50 in Europe and Australia.
Sept 20, 2011 Country Gospel CD release “If That Isn’t Love”
Has toured in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Ok, and the Mid West
Currently working in tours for the north central US, and East Coast
Although we are now working on securing larger venues we will continue to visit churches
on a love offering basis,