Genie Ventures is an internet lead generation business that operates in a range of verticals where an opportunity presents itself. By creating content-rich websites, price comparison engines and online marketplaces, the business specialises in acquiring traffic to these assets and converting them into qualified sales leads that are passed on to its commercial partners. Genie Ventures was founded in March 2004 to launch Broadband Genie, the UK's first comprehensive broadband comparison website. Since then we were the first to market in the UK with a dedicated mobile broadband comparison website (Mobile Broadband Genie, October 2007) and a shared office / desk space marketplace (Desk Space Genie, March 2009). Genie Ventures has a strong team consisting of successful internet marketing specialists and entrepreneurs with proven track records in the Affiliate Marketing space which is an industry worth in excess of £1 billion and growing 30% year on year.