The Genome Registry is the first organization of its kind to offer individuals, groups and companies the ability to name parts of the building blocks of life, the genome, for yourself, a loved one, anyone*.  We can name available components of the genome of humans, animals and plants, in addition to other organisms, as a gift that is sentimental, romantic, or scientific.  The process involves review and assignment by a noted biologist who registers these pseudonyms in our database where, upon request, they can be confirmed and verified.

The Genome Registry enables you to give a gift that shows you are knowledgeable about events taking place in the forefront of modern molecular biology and genetics.  Since the genome contains the entirety of an organism’s hereditary information, it is also a perfect gift for those interested in ancestry and heredity.

The Genome Registry performs our services worldwide via the Internet and secures your information at our location in the United States.  As with any scientific vs. commonly used terms, pseudonums may or may not be fully embraced by some members of the scientific community.  This in no way diminishes the value of your gift and in many ways, makes it more unique.  The Genome Registry is pleased to be the global repository for genomic pseudonyms.

*The Genome Registry naming of a gene, chromosome, or any genomic component, may not be recognized by the scientific community. Your genomic component is registered in The Genome Registry records only. The official capacity of The Genome Registry exists solely in the keeping of its private database and not in any governmental or scientific authority.