Genoray is an x-ray professional company founded in 2001.  We manufacture C-Arm, Mammography, Panorama & Ceph, portable x-ray and 3D CBCT.  We have over 3,000 installations worldwide in 50 countries.  We also possess 80% of all core technology in-house which means we always know how to assist you when you’re in need.

- C-Arm -
With over 1,500 C-Arms sold worldwide, Genoray provides quality, affordable x-ray systems.  You can acquire Genoray’s BRAND NEW C-ARM at refurbished price of other leading models.  Get quality and value you deserve!

- VOLUX, 3D Dental CT -
Imagine you can get all the information you need for a risk-free implant surgery in 20 seconds!  The VOLUX will provide a map of your patient’s mouth from every angle possible in an accurate, measurable 3D view.  Using various software tools, you can measure distances, angles and even place sample implants.