Virtual Event - August 10, 2023. The Cognitive Institute of Dallas in collaboration with WHFF [With Healthy Families First]  Broadcast & Media and hosted on WHFF’s platform.  Also Dr. Rachel Leah will present awards to different speakers who fall in the area of “doing the most good” later this year.

During this upcoming conference (and what has been one of the more successful podcast releases with WHFF.Radio is "Letting Go and Forgiving Others”.  Dr. Rachel Leah helps listeners find the compassion for self within to make peace with the past as a resolve. (One particular technique in dealing with chronic trauma.)  The subject matter in this virtual tour walks through step by step techniques in recovering from trauma and dealing with physical and emotional pain in order to forgive you need to allow change to take place in your life

Dr. Rachel Leah has two new releases of publication “Step-by-Step Techniques o Break Free From the Pain of Relationships” can be located on her homepage and all other social media platforms as well as “PROMO: Healing from Emotional Trauma, Breakups, and Betrayal” on Amazon.  

The virtual tour and syndication is hosted by WHFF Broadcast & Media and sponsored by the Cognitive Institute of Dallas.  To purchase tickets visit their homepage