Gentlemen and Scholars is a four piece rock and roll outfit from Evansville, IN. The band's unique flavor of rock and roll is heavily blended with soul, blues, funk, and electronic elements. It's this eclectic mix of genres, in addition to a live show that's so full of energy that you can't help but to stomp your feet and dance around, that has been gaining Gentlemen and Scholars both regional and national buzz!

In 2011, Gentlemen and Scholars made the decision to part ways with the independent record label that released their sophomore album, The Fault, marking the first major step in becoming an independent act. Since then, Gentlemen and Scholars have independently produced and released two albums, Bad Apples (2011) and Thick As Mud (2013). The band has also written, directed, and produced music videos for their last four singles.

In late 2014, Gentlemen and Scholars took a break from performing live and used the time off to build their private recording studio, write and produce a new web series and documentary, and to begin working on their follow up to 2013's Thick As Mud.