GEO Advanced Material is a consulting firm which deals with Advanced Materials.

Related areas of expertise are:

1.         Polymer science materials, formulations, testing, processing.

2.         Petrochemical formulations via compounding, milling, master batching.

3.         Inks formulations; dispersion, emulsion, suspensions, solvent based or polymer based.

4.         Nano-materials preparation, formulations, implementation.

5.         Establishing new contacts and customer.

6.         Locating new markets and penetrating new products to existing markets.

7.         Finding the best technology to new products.

8.         Raising money either from private, governmental or business investors.

9.         Integrating new products into existing or new markets.

10.        Adhesive systems, solvents, medium considering specification, regulations and environmental restrictions.

11.        Decisions based on various methodological systems; six sigma, lean manufacturing, ISO, hazardous, green-tech, environments regulations.

12.        Finding the right medium to your formulation: water, solvents, surfactants, polymeric, based on polymer science and surface chemistry.

13.        Polymeric barrier materials, ultra barrier and ultra-high barrier materials via films, sheets, coatings, Nano.

14.        Conductive coatings and printing via Nano materials, polymeric materials.

15.        Pre and Post Sales and customer support activities.

16.        General management, Managing R&D. Customer oriented R&D.

17.        Printing: conventional, digital, 3D.

18.        Preparing and integrating business, strategic and R&D plans.

19.        Finding strategic cooperation.

20.        Expert witness.

21.        Broad networking with international academic groups, pilot-labs, laboratories.