Geoffiti is an award-winning mobile marketing, communication and content management company.  Our goal is to provide the most full-featured custom mobile applications to our target markets at a fraction of the cost of current custom mobile application development.  Two accomplishments make this possible:  focus on selected markets in need of specific mobile functionality and investment in development of modularized core functionality that can be quickly adapted to numerous markets and customers.

Our selected markets are:  downtowns, tourism bureaus, non-profits and elected officials. These seemingly distinct markets actually share a set of common challenges.  They primarily need to:

Communicate - Keep stakeholders, supporters or constituents in the loop, deliver news, information and marketing information to interested parties. Receive feedback from stakeholders, supporters or constituents.

Locate - Provide location based event, parking, entertainment or shopping information. Improve distribution of organizational information making it available when it is most useful.

Engage - Conduct promotions to increase visits, donations, support or sales.

Some of our clients are: Downtown Long Beach Associates, Downtown Los Angeles Center, Huntington Beach Fourth of July, Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster, Lancaster Vice Mayor Ron Smith and Sean Penn’s Haiti Relief Organization.

Geoffiti has distinguished itself and its product in the industry as evidenced by the California Downtown Crystal Eagle award for Geoffiti for Cities.  In addition, feedback from our customers confirm our unique position in this market.  The largest downtown business improvement district in California evaluated top tier developers and, at the time they selected Geoffiti, reported that we offered the best product and functionality at a better price than anyone else in the market.