Imagine the ability to take a picture of a homeless person, upload it to a web service, and have the person reunited with their loved ones. Image the same with a lost pet. The Geo People Finder and Geo Pet Finder projects are two completely free to use web services I am creating. The main concept is this: There are lots of people with smart devices. They can take pictures of homeless people and lost animals and upload them to the service. There are plenty of people with missing relatives and pets. They can upload images of those people and pets to the same service. Underneath, the service will use computer vision and AI technologies to automatically match images and notify people who have seen the lost person or pet and people who have lost a person or pet through SMS, e-mail, and other means.

This way, we can use computing to our advantage to help find lost people and pets and to connect those who have seen them and are missing them as quickly as possible. Why wait for humans to filter through the images when a computer can match them up for us? Add to this the use of geolocation and geotagging in images and we can also plot the time and location each person or pet was seen on Google Maps so you can see the exact path your family member or pet has taken. Did I mention this service will be completely free and donation based? We will NEVER charge for the service but we sure hope enough people will donate to keep it running.

I’m a computer scientist of 10 years with a background from private to government sectors. However, I’ve quit all of my paying jobs to pursue setting up this service and running it full time because I want my knowledge and experience to help people. If we each can do just a little to help, the world will be a better place. That starts with using what we have and what we know to push the boundaries of technology. This project will do that: possibly saving the lives of many people and pets who would be lost forever. You can checkout my project here: http://igg.me/at/geofinder/x/6727869

I hope everyone who reads this is as excited about the humanitarian possibilities as I am. And, if you like it and believe in it, please spread the word! We can use all the backing we can get for this great project. You can also follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Geopeoplefinder/831138483568638