Georgia Breast care is a surgical oncology practice specializing in diseases and disorders of the breast.

Women of all ages develop breast related problems. These problems involve breast masses, abnormal mammograms and ultrasounds, nipple discharge and breast pain, just to mention a few. Women with these problems often wonder whether these represent signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Fortunately, most of the women seen at our practice do not have breast cancer. Our goal at Georgia Breast Care is to see all women quickly and provide them with answers. We strive to provide a diagnosis in a minimally invasive, efficient manner. Though most women have benign disease, for those women that are faced with the diagnosis of breast cancer, we offer state-of -the-art care. This allows for optimal outcome through dramatic advances in technology.

Our experienced, nationally recognized physicians, nurse practitioners and staff provide a wide spectrum of the most advanced medical services. This is combined with a comfortable, compassionate environment. Our team at Georgia Breast Care aims to instill confidence in patients who look to achieve the ultimate in breast health.