BPD Associates Limited (BPD) is a business and people transformation organisation. We are a people focused, results driven organisation that works with organisations to effectively blend people, performance, productivity and processes to achieve sustainable results.
BPD supports local and international organisations to deliver effortless business and people transformation.
We believe that in order for business transformation to be embedded in the organisation, common goals need to be defined and all training, processes and system improvements, operations, leadership and people development must be created and delivered in service of the defined goal(s).
Our interventions are designed to foster greater collaboration between co-workers and departments in order to align and focus all on common goal(s), to achieve greater business and personal success.
Also special emphasis and focus must be given to employee buy-in, as this is one of the core components of any change initiative, no matter how small the required change.

Our approach is based on helping you achieve self sufficiency, continuous improvement and outstanding tangible results.
We co-created with you, with an emphasis on transferring our knowledge, skills and expertise to you. We build strong relationships and great connections, rather than create dependency. We want you to continue to be successful long after we have gone.

Our desire is for you to make the programme your own and embed it into your business culture in order to enable you to continually reap the rewards of your investment well into the future.

The benefits of working with BPD Associates Limited:
o     Outstanding sustainable results
o     Improved processes and procedures implemented
o     Engaged employees
o     Improved self leadership
o     Increased productivity and profitability
o     Process created for continuous growth
o     Leaders effectively coaching and developing their teams
o     Greater collaboration
We perform various roles in order to assist organisations to deliver their desired results:
•     Practitioners/Experts:  Transferring our professional experience and expertise regarding coaching methodologies, conversations, tools and process, based on many years of coaching at different levels in the organisation.
•     Executive/Career and Performance Coaches: Building and enhancing internal capacity, by improving and accelerating business and personal performance through peer group and individual coaching sessions.
•     Consultants: Business transformation, change management, implementation consulting, project management, process improvement, performance management, strategic and operational planning etc.
•     Facilitators/ Trainers: Preparing, organising and delivering workshops, seminars and conferences. (See below).
In our experience experiential learning is the most effective approach for bringing about sustainable change and continuous improvement. Therefore this involves a minimum of 2 related interactive sessions rather than a one off training event. This allows individuals to learn, practise, reflect and embed what has been learnt.

Georgina Terry FCCA – CEO
Georgina Terry is a qualified accountant (ACCA) with 20 years experience in coaching, finance, training, facilitation, and mentoring and change management implementation. She is also an inspirational speaker and the author of The Amazing Race to Entrepreneurial Freedom.
Georgina has delivered successful change programmes in many organisations (e.g. BPTT, Atlantic LNG, TCL Group) that developed people and organisations to achieve outstanding business results. She has also worked in England, Jamaica, Equatorial Guinea, USA and Canada. Georgina has an ability to adapt quickly to different cultures and works effectively at all levels within an organisation.
Georgina is originally from London, England.  Prior to moving to Trinidad in 2001, she worked for The Economist Newspaper Limited and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
She is also a Certified Emotional Intelligence Career Strategist and certified coach for the assessment and development tools of The Leadership Circle™.  
Georgina is very passionate about helping people tap into who they are, so that they can achieve their maximum potential for both themselves and their organisations.
Examples of Work Delivered
BPTT - Based primarily offshore with an off-shore client taskforce team of 12 and on-shore based team of 4 to increase oil production by 20% reduce the natural decline by 26% on a late-life asset, resulting in overall benefit worth US$60m per annum.
Marathon Oil Equatorial Guinea, W Africa – Trained and coached a client team to implement identified processes and systems and increased the leadership capabilities within the Production and Maintenance Departments which created the foundation for the expected 2% increase in reliability.