Global Emergency Resources (GER), headquartered in Augusta, GA, is a software solution developer and integrator for the healthcare industry. GER’s HC Standard® software suite allows first responders and receivers to manage various EMS, hospital and clinical databases, and provides near real-time monitoring and mapping of healthcare systems and assets during emergencies and routine daily operations.  GER offerings include disaster management software, exercises and training services, as well as field mobility solutions that can support patient triage, tracking, reunification and hospital surge planning and compliance.

HC Standard Suite

Global Emergency Resources’ key product, HC Standard®, is the leading emergency information, patient and asset tracking, and visualization package in the emergency management and healthcare industries.  It provides rapid user-customization across multiple platforms, making it the command center that monitors healthcare assets, tracks patient progress, maps available resources, provides a communication venue, and generates critical reports.  HC Standard®, also known as HCS™, is simple to use and supports daily, emergency and mass casualty events.  It combines information from numerous sources so timely, informed, and optimal decisions can be made.

GER’s Patient Tracking™ system is a fast, secure, and reliable solution built on the HC Standard platform for first responders to gather vital data and share it throughout the emergency and healthcare systems in near real-time. In addition to tracking patients, use it to track evacuation or movement of patients, personnel, and pets for 100% accountability.  Patient Tracking integrates seamlessly with HC Standard giving you the informaiton to make timely and informed life-saving decisions.

HC Standard HAvBED Patient Tracking™ provides the capability for hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities to accurately track, monitor, and report hospital bed counts and availability both on a daily basis and during mass casualty and emergency incidents.

Other GER solutions include custom and proprietary development; data sharing and integration; cloud hosting; custom training and excercise programs; and field mobility solutions, such as our EWRAP™, a portable, secure, single source communications solution and customized, self-contained field kits.

In all, you can look to GER for comprehensive, integrated solutions for the total spectrum of emergency response in the civilian, military and public sectors. Visit our website or contact us anytime for additional information.