Gerald Grinter has considered himself “permanently unemployable” since the age of sixteen—but he honestly tried working for others. Born with an entrepreneur’s heart, he started his paper route as a kid, which he then turned into a landscaping business, before flipping burgers a single summer. He was “fired” from a hospital for being too efficient at 18, then tried working for “the Man,” before starting an insurance agency that he sold a decade later for more than he ever imagined.

“You have to work for yourself no matter who you work for. Nothing else matters!” so says Gerald Grinter who took his father’s advice early in life. He now gives back by working at a non-profit as a business mentor/volunteer when he isn’t mentoring small business owners and solopreneuers through “The Twelfth Power Consulting,” which he started upon discovering that the non-profit he worked with had a waiting list and people were being turned away. This has given birth to “The Art of Working for Yourself.”