Gert Strand AB was established in 1974 and the Swedish company have the same owner as from start.

We have been in the business for 35 years, and our goal is to invent, produce and serve the market with only the best products, flavors for sparkling water, soda concentrates, essences, yeast and ingridients, coffee aromas, wipped cream flavors, instruments, accessories etc.

Gert Strand AB is the company that first introduced Turbo Yeast, now well knowned world wide. Some of our brands is Aromhuset, Prestige, Turbo Yeast, Smittstopp, Fulstopp and Tvarstopp. The company R&D innovate new products based on knowledge and competence. Gert Strand AB doesnt follow the market, its leading it.

Gert Strand AB is an innovative company that develops and deliver products to the industry and breweries. Many product is consumer packed. Aromas is delivered to breweries in bulk and to consumers in bottles. Quality and environment production system is GMP Egenkontrollen including HACCP.

Gert Strand AB is a Swedish company, but distributors for other countries are very welcome to give our customers local service and supply.