Selective College Acceptance Counseling offers a variety of low-cost, on-demand services for college bound students in grades 6-12.  Our books, workshops, evaluations, assessments and counseling services inspire kids to greatness without breaking the bank!  
"Distinguish Yourself On the Common App" is based on our highly effective workshop of the same name.  To date 93% of workshop participants received acceptance offers from their first choice college.  Advance copies are available on Lulu.com for $12.99 at http://www.lulu.com/shop/holly-asposto/distinguish-yourself-on-the-common-app/ebook/product-21816957.html
"The Enneagram of College Admissions" scheduled for release in February 2015.
Workshops: ($595)
Maximizing Middle School for College Prep (Grades 6-8)        
Identify opportunities to enhance academic rigor and distinction in middle school.  Identify your learning style and key study skills to ensure your success in every course.  You’ll create an individual roadmap to graduation including academic and activity planning, career exploration, and personal development.  

Strategies for Exceptional High School Success (Grades 9-11)
Development of high school study skills; including time management, note-taking, outlining, reading textbooks, test taking strategies, and writing effective essays and research papers.  Get ready for AP coursework!

Distinguish Yourself on the Common App (Grades 11-12)        
We are Common App experts who understand the current college admissions landscape and future job market.  Topics covered will include; Choosing the right core question; Writing about extra-curricular activities; Writing compelling supplemental essays; Common app pitfalls and mistakes; Strategies to position yourself as an uncommon applicant!

Evaluations ($149 first college; $30 each additional)
24-point college application evaluation provides an effectiveness score, predicts likely admission outcomes and offers specific advice to improve your chances of getting in!

Assessments ($249)
Ages 13-99
•     Assessment of Ennea-type and wing
•     Current Level of Health
•     Direction of Integration
•     Direction of disintegration
•     Identification of natural talents,  aptitudes and strengths
•     Identification of blind spot and barriers to success
•     Identification of stressors
•     Discovery of the growing edge
•     Unlock your motivation
•     Discover the career within you!

Counseling Services:  1:1 college and career counseling in our center or online, $60/hour.