Current Security Products in the Market today

Globally, counterfeiting has plagued virtually every industry from currency to luxury goods to aviation, food, automotive and pharmaceuticals- almost everywhere. Current anti-counterfeiting technologies comprise a range of overt and covert measures which encompass product authentication and security.
These technology options include Serial numbers, Barcodes, Data-matrix and
RFID for identification and Holograms, Biometric solutions, Watermarks and Tags for security.
These technologies have their own limitations at different levels and are not foolproof. As counterfeiters become more sophisticated, the security gaps in these technologies become open to exploitation.

Company’s / OEM’s Point of View

1. Counterfeit ruining my business
2. I created the market
3. My innovations ... I should get paid
4. Loss of Faith/ reputation in the market
5. Solutions offered should be price sensitive
6. Prefer not to sell at a location where counterfeit is being sold or take steps to kill the counterfeit supply chain.
7. How to avoid small retailers using my Brand and falling for small illegitimate profits
8. Track and manage my products
9. Who is my customer?
10. Location of customer?
11. How do Inform the end user – for my/ his welfare sake.... prevent a counterfeit from being sold
12. Update information about products that have already reached the market
13. Provide live demos, usage or product based etc ...

Customer’s Point of View & the RushenTag Solution

1. Simple Code printed on the product- as easy as printing a barcode... this is done using a bar code printer-part of the regular manufacturing process.
2. No stickers- no plastic – no masters- no additional cost...
3. No identification issues for the customer.
Even if the hologram is Original- how will the poor customer know?
Stock Holograms are available off the shelf – too many for a penny.
4. The Code “reader” application is a freely available for almost all mobile phone operating systems.
5. The intent is to prevent a customer from buying a fake product. Inform him/ her about vital information/ get the company to track the product/ enable the company to send a message back (Web Page or SMS) to the customer.
6. Prevent use of a defective or expired product/ prevent sale of bad products/ manage info being imparted to customers about the products/ the ability to update product information even after the product has left the factory premises..... About a thousand other possibilities.
7. “Geo Tag” the location of the person who has the product in his/ her hand, ability to track immediately on a Google map or using Google Street view even look at the commercial premises or shop.
8. For each counterfeit product/ tag/ label to be made the counterfeiter will need access to the RushenTag database or will have to scan the same number of original labels which would make the process extremely unviable.
9. RushenTag can also be actively used for Legal documents – validation and management- including Licences, Currency, Banking security etc.
10. RushenTag can also be used in a DIGITAL format – as a part of a webpage in static or dynamic form.