Finally a program designed just like the biggest loser with biggest loser results! No ranch and no leaving family. If you want the same life changing results you have seen on TV, then we will help you you achieve it. No pills, no gimmicks, just hard work and dedication! Get Downsized is getting ready for their next program to begin with only limited contestant spots available! Lose 80 to 100 pounds in 16 weeks with diet and exercise. Last contestant winner lost 101 pounds!

       Each program consists of training 6 days a week. Some days are multiple sessions. Each session will be a different style of training. Each week will be a mix of weight training, running, indoor cycling, boxing, kickboxing, yoga and more with 6 different trainers specialized in each field.

       Each week will have one or more sessions with our food addiction specialist and nutritionist. She will talk to each contestant about how they have got to where they are, the triggers that make them turn to food and how to fix the problems so they don't resurface.

       At the end of each week there is a group weigh in. It is stressed to each contestant not to weigh themselves at any point. Weight can change for many reasons! If a contestant weighs themselves and does not see the number they want they will start changing things like there diet and then the program stops working. It is detrimental for a contestant to weigh themselves durning the program. Get Downsized works to get the weight off and more importantly teaches how to keep it off only when it is followed.

       Get Downsized teaches moderation within nutrition specifications. All Get Downsized contestants follow a blend of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. No packaged or processed foods. We try to limit canned and frozen foods because we show the importance of good healthy nutrition. You diet needs to be priority in your life! That means you plan you meals and take the time to make them. You have one life.... Take care of it.