Ramsey Russell’s GetDucks.com is a full-service sporting travel agency specializing in wingshooting adventures worldwide. Established in 2003, we emphasize high-quality waterfowl and upland bird hunting backed by unmatched customer service.
Our professionals boast decades of cumulative experience learned by tens of thousands of miles of travel among the most legendary wetlands in the world. We've bagged our share of birds. Now it's your turn.

Our expert travel assistance includes not only the right wingshooting location at the right time, but as IATAN-accredited travel specialists we facilitate turn-key travel. Customized itineraries, airline schedules, customs’ assistance, hunting licenses and permits, hotels, dining, car rentals, travel insurance, and trophy bird importation are among our services. We’ll even have your finished, taxidermied trophy sent directly to your home or office.

Uniquely personal service.

Personalized service and detail-oriented planning are our hallmarks.  Unraveling intricate details to create smooth travel, problem-solve on the go, and provide assistance and "been-there" insights at all times are who we are and what we do.  Call us – anytime – before, during or after your hunt.

Hunts are a dime-a-dozen on the internet, and if you don’t believe an outfitter is the best just ask them.  Want an impartial opinion? Ask us. Now more than ever, our customers seek expert guidance in productive hunting experiences and seamless, efficient travel for their hard-earned dollars.  And that's exactly what we provide.

Our reputation is built on our dedication to improving sporting travel and ensuring perfection on every hunt.  We're committed to your experience.  Our unequalled growth through customer referrals and nearly 100% repeat-client rates are proof.

Discover more.

Explore GetDucks.com for valuable information about our duck hunting offerings.  Many listed destinations are available exclusively through GetDucks.com.  Save with special promotionals or group rates. Contact us to discuss topics of interest, or to book your next duck hunt.  Your wingshooting dreams become reality.  It’s what we do.

Contact Ramsey Russell toll free 1-866-438-3897 or email ramsey@getducks.com.  Visit www.GetDucks.com for more information about these hunts:

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