Do you feel like your your weight, your age, or injuries are keeping you from claiming fitness, health, and energy?
Are you done wasting your money with a gym membership that isn't getting you results?

Living with excess weight, no energy, and a body that doesn't feel like YOU anymore is miserable! When your body is unfit and out of balance, it can throw your whole life out of whack. Not eating and moving in a way that honors your body can lead to:

   * depression
   * sleep problems
   * excess belly weight
   * stress
   * anxiety
   * and so much more...

There is an answer- and it is simpler than you think!

My name is Erica Hughes and I am here to help you reconnect with your body in a new way that allows you to live the life you LOVE! Eating and moving in a way your body was designed to can help you lose weight, firm, tone, and FEEL better!

I provide personal training for real people- people with injuries, with kids, with little (or no) motivation, people recovering from cancer, family members of people who didn't survive, midlife divas, down to earth guys, fabulous females, fitness fanatics, and all the rest of you...

Here is what clients are saying:
"I had sleep apnea at 34 years old, now I am in the best shape of my life!" David S. Modesto, CA 30 lbs lost- no more sleep apnea!
"From 194 to 138 in 4 months- Get Fit is amazing!" Courtney T. Modesto, CA. First 2 weeks- lost 5 inches from waist.
"I have learned to love me again." Kelly E. 30 lbs lost and counting.
"You inspired me-I feel powerful from within- and it shows throughout." Katrina N. Modesto, CA

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