Get in2 China – Paid Business Internships, Intensive (Mandarin) Chinese Language Programs, Modern Accommodations or Homestay in the center of Beijing, Social events and activities.

Get in2 China cooperates with many companies in Beijing, both Chinese and foreign, which are willing to take interns for a certain period of time. This gives us a possibility to choose a perfectly suitable placement from many vacant positions in different areas such as business, marketing, media, PR, etc. Thus, we provide a great opportunity for you to get a working experience in China that will be useful for you in the future.

We offer an individual approach to each client and select a company that would meet all the client's requirements. Enrollment in a paid internship program depends as well on skills and education and, in some cases, on the knowledge of the Chinese language.
In addition, our company cooperates with the leading universities in Beijing and other cities of China. This allows our clients to learn more about education in China or to apply for a university here. We also take care of all the things related to enrollment, acceptance, visa, accommodation etc.

An internship in China with Get in2 China is a unique chance to gain valuable working experience, to live in the heart of Beijing, to enjoy travelling, excursions and cultural events, to make new acquaintances, and to learn Chinese. Great opportunities are waiting for you!
Get in2 China is a comprehensive, affordable, service-oriented work and study abroad company. The company has been operating on the idea that the best way to learn a foreign language and to benefit from the experience of working abroad is to live, to work and to study in a foreign country. Thus, coming to China for a paid internship and/or language program will allow you to be fully immersed into the cultural, linguistic and business environment of this country. Besides, coming to China is not at all difficult, but mostly exciting!

To make it easier for you to come to China our company Get in2 China takes care of all the necessary documents and formalities before your arrival and provides visa support during the whole period of your stay in China. Therefore, you do not need to be worried of anything, you can freely study the language, get your working experience, explore the culture and history of China and have the fun of interacting with local people and foreigners living here in Beijing.
Combining Mandarin Chinese classes with internship, travelling, social activities, interaction with native speakers, Get in2 China's programs turn out to be interesting and intensive, offering the affordable options of plunging into Chinese environment.

Get in2 China is eager to offer you a variety of internships and different types of Chinese language courses suitable for your current level of language proficiency. Whether you want to learn Chinese or improve your language skills, get high scores for HSK exam or learn more about business in China, understand Chinese culture or try Chinese martial arts, teach, to be an intern, or to volunteer in rural China – Get in2 China has various types of programs to meet your wishes.
Come to China to discover one of the oldest civilizations on the Earth that is currently undergoing a significant and the most dynamic modernization any nation has ever experienced. This country, known for its ancient culture, rich history and current economic boom, offers so much to see and explore, and holds many alluring opportunities for the future. Join us in China for enjoyable and unforgettable memories, and, of course, for the greatest ever experience!