First and foremost we like to have fun. For us there is nothing more exciting than exploring a majestic and awe-inspiring alpine wonderland, an undiscovered, intricately sculpted, twisting turning red-rock canyon, or the breathtaking experience of exploring arctic tundra, pristine glacial carved lakes, rugged and remote mountain ranges, or the tranquil serenity of a cool, refreshing stream.

Next to fun, we were founded on the belief that paramount in sharing our experiences with others is the inherent need to train and empower leaders to make safer decisions as they explore the wilderness on their own. We make no compromises on safety. Our courses are carefully designed to help you master and retain the essential skills necessary to travel safely in wilderness environments. We don’t simply lead you to your destination as many guide services do; we teach you all of the essential leadership, safety and environmental stewardship skills necessary to ensure that your future wilderness experiences are as safe and rewarding as possible.