Our Products
GetInToo carefully chooses for its shoppers only the hottest selling brand name, brand new, and highest quality products and we bring them to you in our auction format for the cost of a cup of coffee. We only auction high end products as our average retail price is $500. All our products sold at GetInToo come with the manufacturer's warranty and guaranty certificates, which are delivered with the product. All products won in auctions are shipped with no charges or additional fees.

We are not a penny auction
In a penny auction, your bid cancels every other bid that has been placed before your bid and then the next bid cancels the bid you just placed. Your only chance to win is to be the last bid when the clock times out. You can spend a lot of money buying bids that are only good for 30 seconds in a penny auction.

At GetInToo, we found a way to make it work so no bid is ever wasted. If you place a bid in an auction and you don't win that auction, you'll get a replacement voucher bid that you can use in another auction. And that replacement voucher bid can be used over and over again for a whole year until you win an item in our auction. Voucher bids expire after one year so be sure to use them until you win.

All that is necessary to win is for your bid to be the lowest, unique bid for the item. If you bid 44¢ and no one else bids 44¢ and when the percentage of bids needed reaches 100% and 44¢ is the lowest bid that no one else matched, you win.

Also, the auctions don't end based on a timer, they end when the required number of purchased bids has been placed for that item.

There's also no danger of automatic-bidding to drive up the price; the lowest, unique bid is the winner. In every other auction format, where the winner is the highest bidder, there's a danger of shill bidding to get that price higher. I know, every penny auction website says they don't use auto-bots to bid, but do you really know; there's an advantage to them if they do. At GetInToo, an auto-bot bidder would do nothing to help us. Every bidder has an equal opportunity to win.

And, one more major differences: First, for every dollar you spend to buy bids, you get what we call a Winning Auction Purchase Credit. That is a credit that is used to pay for any items you win in an auction. You won't have to pay more for the item and delivery is also free.

Keeping the rules of participating in our auctions is a part of a binding commitment for two parties - the shopper and the site provider. To fully understand more about the rules and regulations of the auctions, please read the FAQ and rules and regulations pages also before becoming a registered user you must authenticate that you agree to the terms. Privacy is a huge concern in these times, we promise to keep all of your information safe, secure and available only to you and GetInToo.com. From time to time we will use your information to communicate with you and inform you of auction updates. Again, we respect your trust in us to keep your information private and we promise to never compromise that trust.
We have a zero tolerance and no bid policy for employees and related individuals. Related is defined as friends, family, acquaintances, etc. We treat this rule just as an insider trading violation with the SEC and will not tolerate any employees manipulating an auction or sharing auction bid amounts with anyone outside our company. We vigorously investigate any accusations and take immediate action while notifying the appropriate law enforcement authority. All auction data is kept securely and access is limited to company officers only. We consistently monitor all auctions to guarantee that all the GetInToo shoppers adhere to the auction rules.

Safe and secure payments
GetInToo.com uses Paypal as the payment processor for our business. They have a secured payment procedure already in place with hundreds of dedicated personnel working to protect your payment details. We prefer this method since we don't have access to your credit card information. There's no fear of unauthorized charges since you must complete the Paypal payment process each time..

Customer Service
We understand that our success is only due to our extreme commitment to excellent and high quality customer service. We understand that your time is valuable and that you came to our site for entertaining, safe and an enjoyable way of shopping, free off hassle or problems. Our team is ready at your service for all of your inquiries and questions. We will be happy to assist you in any manner, so please feel free to contact us.

Get In Too, LLC
We are qualified as a Veteran Owned Small Business as 51% of ownership is by an accomplished Army veteran with over 8 years of active duty service. We give preference to veteran's for current and future job opportunities.