Learn how food affects you physically, mentally, emotionally & hormonally. Knowledge is power but if not applied what's the point!!

I was overweight but learned to nourish my body.
I was depressed but learned to nourish my emotions.
I was lost but learned to nourish my soul.

"Obesity has become a serious epidemic and it is time to take control of our eating habits to prevent weight-related illnesses and other diseases. You can take control of your health one change at a time. Let me show you how to eat clean.
I'm a single mom of four and if I can do it, so can you." ~ Josette Puig

AFAA and ACE group fitness instructor
Sports Nutrition and Weight Management
National Fitness Competitor
Area Presenter Powder Blue Productions.
Certified in TurboKick, PiYo, HipHopHustle, Zumba, CatWalk Confidence.
Television appearances on CBS Morning Show, Style Boston, WBZ. Spokesperson for Boston Sports Clubs. Shape-Up America Campaign. Fitness Model QVC.
TurboFire Infomercial Success Story (Beachbody).