National Prescription Assistance helps people that need medications to obtain them at low or no cost. They work with the individual to find a program that works best for them. They work directly with the individuals doctor and the pharmaceutical companies.  They are able to assist people across the nation, not just those of their local area. National Prescription Assistance believes no person , no matter what their age, should have to go without their medications just because they cannot afford them.

    Why should an individual have to choose between buying groceries and getting their medications? These are the decisions many individuals have to make. Not just the elderly and disabled but also, the unemployed.    
There are many programs available and National Prescription Assistance can fit an individual to the program that is right for their situation.

    National Prescription Assistance's programs are designed to help people in low-income categories, those who receive financial assistance and do not have prescription insurance and those that have become unemployed. Qualifications are based on household income, not assets. Housing, investments, etc. do not factor in. This program is also available for Medicare D seniors who have reached their gap/donut hole. There are currently over 4,100 medications available through our Patient Assistance Program.

    Why use their services?  Manufactures are very specific as to what they require. Failure to file all required documentation will result in denial of application and can bar patient from re-filing for one year.
Through our extensive knowledge of the manufactures programs available, National Prescription Assistance help program qualified patients receive free medications. They file all needed documents for you.

    National Prescription Assistance's  years of experience ensures that if you meet the guidelines you will qualify and receive your medication. For more information on this company you can contact them directly at 1-800-944-1663 or visit them on the web at http://www.nationalprescriptionassistance.com. You can, also, go to their office at National Prescription Assistance, 918 W Main St. , New Albany, IN 47150.