Whether you’re looking to raise brand awareness or generate and nurture sales leads, effective B2B marketing requires marketing intelligence, a robust digital architecture, creative campaigns and accurate reporting. In a competitive world, having a great looking website is not enough. Without targeted digital campaigns it’s difficult to drive traffic to generate leads. We help you properly connect your website, digital marketing and CRM to build relationships with prospects and turn them into customers.

We’re a creative digital marketing agency based in the heart of the Kenya, Nairobi to be precise. https://getsales.co.ke/nairobi-seo/

Discovery and research: As a first step, we undertake a process of ‘Discovery’ – that is understanding your business, your marketplace and your ambitions. We will establish who you want to talk to and where best to engage with them. If your existing website needs to be replaced, this process will include discussions around branding, design, site architecture, technology and content. If you already have a website, that’s fine – we can audit and make any recommendations necessary.

Pilot phase/initial analysis: When your website is properly configured, we engage clients on a minimum twelve month arrangement. A content marketing plan will be agreed covering this period. A three-month pilot phase is standard, during which we can trial a number of digital marketing activities.

‘Always On’ integrated digital marketing: The results of the pilot are reviewed with the most successful activities amplified for the remaining nine months of the contract. The plan typically covers content authoring and syndication, Search/SEO/PPC, Social, Email and Advertising (including re-marketing). Landing pages are promoted and linked to a CRM with behaviour recorded against each contact. All activity is viewed through a ‘Dashboard’ that allows a single view of all the platforms and inform you of data driven decisions about new and potential customers.

Near or far, we work in close partnership with our clients and provide the resource required to take their business to the next level. We need to firstly understand what it is you are trying to achieve. Is it to create a community; is it to achieve a sales target in a given time; is it to improve your digital footprint? Typically, if it is ‘increase sales’, we need to know what your sales process is – lead to quote to sale ratio; lead-to-sale incubation period; sales values (i.e. how many of what type of sales will achieve the goal); what percentage of growth will come from new products, markets etc.

We also need to know what other activity you are undertaking in the non-digital world – print, exhibitions, advertising etc. This period of ‘Discovery’ will help us to create a strategy to test the market during the pilot phase. The results help consolidate insight and formulate future campaigns.

There is no one answer fits all with the ‘Always On’ strategy. Every client is different, but the principles remain reasonably formulaic. When costing solutions for clients, we approach all projects on a case-by-case basis and make recommendations accordingly. We consider a ‘resource plan’ – not an ‘estimate of costs’ – and decide who is best placed to deliver the strategy. We can take care of everything, or work alongside (and mentor) any internal resources you may have. Once we’ve decided how we are going to work together, we can cost the resource plan accordingly.