Founded in 2013, STEMP is an innovator in digital health and sensor products designed to improve health, wellness, and quality of life. Its first product, the STEMP Smart Temperature Patch, is launching in March 2015.

STEMP Smart Temperature Patch™ is the thermometer reinvented for the 21st century. The STEMP™ sensor, medical-grade adhesives, and smartphone apps work together seamlessly to provide immediate, accurate, continuous body temperature measurement. Think of it as the thermometer meets the band-aid.

We’ve designed STEMP™ to solve the problems we as parents see with thermometers currently on the market:
- Reliable temperature measurement: Provides accurate readings the first time and every time, so users never need to worry or re-measure
- Convenient form factor: Small size and comfortable, medical-grade adhesives make it easy to wear (including in the shower)
- Continuous monitoring: Collect data, see trends, and make smarter decisions, over hours, days, or even weeks (one charge lasts up to 30 days)
- Intelligent mobile app: Features smart alerts, data tracking and analysis, battery status, and an elegant, customizable interface (available now for iOS, with Android to follow)
- “Wear it and forget it”: Never again must one get up in the middle of the night to wake up a child or loved one to take their temperature
- Affordable price: Cutting-edge home healthcare shouldn’t be expensive; STEMP is a high-value product competitive with everything on the market

Winner of the 2014 G-Startup Competition at the Global Mobile Internet Conference and the 2015 Everyday Health Award for Innovation in Personal Health at the Consumer Electronics Show, STEMP™ is launching later this year.