Hi Designers!

We are UX/UI designers and love building new and exciting things! While we have a passion for designing websites and mobile apps with the latest and greatest software, sometimes we miss creating things in the physical world. As a creative, sometimes you like to create with your hands, so we invented Wibo, a magnetic, dry erase wire-framing board. We intended to make it just to play around with but we discovered a bunch of huge benefits when using it.

#1 - It makes brainstorming ideas a lot easier and more fun!

It almost brings you back to your childhood when putting together puzzles and playing with Legos! We even have found it to speed up our software based wire-framing process since we can create a mockup super quick with Wibo! Also, when we get creative blocks, playing with the board and tiles has helped spark some new ideas!

#2 - Our clients can now express what they see in their head.

One of the biggest challenges when designing websites and mobile apps for other people, is that sometimes they have a vision, but have no design software experience. Half the time they try to draw it out, but chances are, they cant draw either! Wibo, has become a godsend! Now our 50+ year old clients who are picky about the design can show us on the board within a few minutes!

#3 - It works great when collaborating.

When there are more than one decision maker deciding how the website or app should work and look like, it makes the process a lot more efficient since we can get instant feedback. It's like jotting down ideas without the crooked lines, scribbles, and bad handwriting!

#4 - It inspires kids!

Children of all ages can use Wibo and the ones who have played around with it love it! It is a great way to introduce UX / UI design to someone who is not old enough to try Sketch, XD or the latest software. It opens with mind to a new field of graphic design that typically, they would have never even thought about until much later in their life. With a successful launch, we hope to incorporate them in schools one day to spark their interest.

We hope, with your help we can bring Wibo to the public and promote the love of Website & Mobile App Design while inspiring new levels of creativity!

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