GFE Global develops and implements solutions and technologies in the field of energy that are designed to bring social economic and environmental advancement to communities through self-sustainable green methods.

GFE’s primary expertise is Jatropha Curcas cultivation, Inter-cropping cash crops with Jatropha Curcas and oil extraction solutions for Biofuel feedstock; oil seeds and algae.

GFE Global has been developing a commercial Jatropha plantation in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. This project has been in development since 2007 and incorporates a significant amount of research and testing of various methods of germination, fertilization, spacing, pruning and harvesting. This specific cultivation project spans an area of over 1000 Hectares of Jatropha trees that are in the third year of production of seeds and oil.

Our goals for this Jatropha project is to provide; a proof of concept for profitability in the Costa Rica Market, as well as valuable research for the cultivation of Jatropha.

Jatropha remains one of the most promising biofuel feedstocks.

The process of proving this concept has been more about disproving the public data that was currently available, in order to develop a “Business Model” that works for all parties; farmer, biofuel processor, and investor.

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