Tiffany Hinton is a Super Mom, Business Owner, Best Selling Author, and Gluten-free lifestyle expert!

Tiffany started writing several years ago, while going through treatments for infertility. Like many others needing to talk about struggles and at the time not having a friend she wanted to share with, she instead choose a different path. Choosing to blog to an online journal, sharing emotions and heart.

Tiffany has written 7 books:
1. Winter Thyme - Seasonal Project Book create gifts to warm your hearts and homes, including Allergy Friendly Recipes
2. Spring Thyme - Seasonal Project Book focusing on the fruits of Spring, including Allergy Friendly Recipes
3. Summer Thyme – Seasonal Project Book focusing on the abundance of Summer, including Allergry Friendly Recipes
4. Fall Thyme – Seasonal Project Book focusing on giving thanks for a plentiful harvest, including Allergy Friendly Recipes
5. Gluten Free Mom Certified Cookbook - recreating the foods I grew up eating into gluten and dairy free

6. Overcoming Mediocrity – featured author in a collection of stories from women who have created lives of significance
7. Mom Certified Celebrates Heritage - celebrating our families heritage with food

Tiffany learned in 2009 she was gluten intolerant along with being lactose intolerant, turning life up side down.  Not knowing where to start and pre-made gluten free items being too pricey. She started to experiment and explore cooking and baking, yet still wanted family favorites to eat.  With research and practice Tiffany can now turn any desirable recipe into gluten and dairy free, with out sacrificing the taste.

Join Tiffany as she creates and shares - inspiring YOU to be the best woman you can be!