About Ghettogloss and Ghettogloss Presents: Part gallery, part boutique, music-and-fashion friendly, and always up for anything, from the beginning, Ghettogloss has bucked trends, ignored conventions, and rarely met a boundary it didn't blur. Show Street Art and Skate Art in a gallery? Sure! Put on indie rock shows at a golf course? Why not. Life-drawing sessions with bikini models in gorilla masks at a dive bar? Obviously. Along the way, her co-conspirators have included Tommy Chong, Benicio del Toro,
Mark Mothersbaugh, Tony Alva, Mr. Brainwash, Shepard Fairey, Allee Willis, Eddie Ruscha, Roseanne Barr, Angelyne, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, etc.

Besides continuing to offer unique contemporary art retails to film, television, and commercial productions -- Fiora placed the Shepard Fairey and Mr. Brainwash pieces in the the Ashton Kutcher set of Two and Half Men along with thousands of edgy art originals in blockbuster feature films, tv and high-profile commercials -- the new Ghettogloss revives its boutique shop, offering vintage and locally-crafted gems by the vendors of its famous Silverlake Art Craft & Vintage Flea Market -- founded by Ghettogloss in the parking lot of its original location, now held at the Micheltorena St. Elementary School and raising funds for LAUSD and the Micheltorena school on the Second Saturday of every month. And of course, the gallery is still the heart of the big top.