Ghost Shield Film is the premiere clear bra installer of Southern California, as well one of the most trusted and respected name in the industry. Through word-of-mouth they have a long list of satisfied Ghost Shield customers who wanted the ultimate paint protection for their vehicles.

Ghost Shield Paint Protection Film is a technology is a new technologically advanced way of keeping that new car, motorcycle, boat or RV looking like new years after your finish would normally deteriorate on you. Our material is the thickest, clearest film on the market with no orange peel and a high gloss retention.

Ghost Shield has become your best hope in the never-ending battle against stone chips, abrasion, insects and environmental damage, with twice the abrasion resistance of the leading competitive product.

We pride ourselves on always being there for the customer. We are a factory certified installer for Land Rover USA. Any questions issues or orders will be gladly answered by one of our technicians, so give us a call at 805-402-8298.