Chempliance™ Professional Services

ICC The Compliance Center Inc. proudly introduces our complete line of Chempliance™ professional services, an online, data-driven solution for regulatory compliance needs, including MSDS authoring and management.

ICC is a recognized leader with over 20 years experience in compliance for health, safety and transportation regulatory compliance. Put our experience to work, and let us help you by using our Chempliance™ professional services for:

•MSDS Authoring
•MSDS Translation (41 Languages)
•MSDS Distribution
•MSDS Management
•MSDS Updating
Chempliance™ professional services is an innovative approach to authoring MSDSs, developed by our talented team of regulatory specialists, chemists and software developers. We want to help you, our customer, to understand and identify the hazard communication and regulatory requirements for:

•Workplace products (OSHA, WHMIS, EU requirements)
•Consumer products (US CPSC, CCCR, EU requirements)
•Pesticides and other regulated products (EPA, PCP requirements)
•Environmental compliance (TSCA, California Proposition 65, DSL, REACH)
Let our professional team and Chempliance™ provide you with timely, accurate and cost-effective regulatory and hazard communication services to save your organization time, money and resources – allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

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•MSDSs Formating & Authoring
•Phrase Handling
•Reporting, Queries & Output Formats
•MSDS's Distribution & Customer / Supplier Management (Desktop Version)
MSDSs Software and MSDSs Distribution
Chempliance™ is a complete software system which provides the users with an easy way to create, manage and track MSDSs (material safety data sheets) and generate the corresponding product safety labels, to comply with the US, Canadian and EU MSDSs requirements.

Download a Chempliance™ PowerPoint presentation in PDF format.

Chempliance™ could cut the MSDSs creation time by up to half with the following standard features:
MSDSs Formating and Authoring
•Create 16 section MSDSs to comply with North American ANSI, WHMIS, OSHA requirements
•Create 16 section MSDSs to comply with EU requirements
•Definable Data Rules Wizard to assist in completing MSDS's
•Pre loaded with sample MSDS's
•Multi-level approval process
•Searchable Archiving Capabilities with version comparisons
•Link to 3rd Party List of Lists providers – North American, European, Asia Pacific
•Definable Regulations Rules Wizard to deal with country, state and provincial regulations
•Assistant for each subject that can be hyper linked to HTML pages, Web sites, documents, etc.
Phrase Handling
•Pre loaded with North American phrases – English, French and Spanish
•41 Additional EU and Asia Pacific languages available
•Unicode compliant – Ability to add / import unlimited number of additional languages
•Ability to assign specific phrase / free text to appear on product safety label
•Advanced multi-lingual Phrase Handling with free text capabilities
•RTF Formatting and Spell Checking of phrases in multiple languages
•Customizable Interface Templates for efficient data entry of MSDSs information
•Customizable Data Templates for standard MSDSs types
•Customizable Report Templates using Crystal Reports®, allows complete control of MSDS's format
•Pre loaded with a selection of MSDS's Interface and Report Templates
•Dynamically designed to deal with regulatory changes, including pending GHS – Global Harmonized System
•North American multi-lingual capabilities – English, French and Spanish
Reporting, Queries Output Formats
•Crystal Report® Design Wizard
•Statistical reporting on phrases, ingredients, customers, MSDSs Status, etc.
•Query on any field within the MSDS
•MSDSs can be output to PDF, Word, Excel, Text, XML and HTML formats
•Advanced Revision control and tracking of version changes
•Chempliance Labeler – Generate Product Safety Labels
•Integrates with Bartender Labeling Software (Enterprise version of Bartender required)

MSDS's Distribution & Customer / Supplier Management (Desktop Version)
•Keep track of current and archived MSDSs sent to customers
•Company and contact tracking with notes
•"MSDSs Tab" containing information on most current MSDS sent to customer
•Attach MSDSs in any format to company record