Highly influenced by North­American and British songwriting, at 12 years of age she started to study piano and to teach herself the guitar. It was then when she began writing her first songs, showing a precocious predisposition for composition.

Thanks to her knowledge of both languages, Giada laid the foundation for her own distinctive bilingual repertoire, developing the unique ability to write songs in English and Italian retaining the same meaning in both versions line by line.

In 2014, once terminating the contract with her Italian record label, she decided to travel back to the USA to record her first CD at Philly Sound Studios, co­producing the songs with Mariano Mattei. In April 2015 Giada permanently moved to the US and has been showcased at: Dewey Beach Popfest (DE), World Cafe Live at the Queen (DE), Hard Rock Cafe (PA), Smyrna At Night (DE), Ladybug Festival (DE).

Giada J has released her first single “Crazy”, available on all major digital distributors. She is planning on releasing her first EP by the end of 2015. “Crazy” reached 18 on ReverbNation’s Philadelphia POP Chart and has been on the top 40 chart s​ince its release.