New Jersey Second Amendment Society Reaches Out To All Presidential Candidate for Their Position On Firearms

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West Orange, New Jersey - The New Jersey Second Amendment Society (NJ2AS) today sent letters to all current presidential candidates to meet with the society and fill out a survey to clarify their position on firearm ownership and the 2nd amendment.  The NJ2AS will be using the responses to the survey and potential meeting with the candidate to inform the over one million gun owners in the State of New Jersey on the candidate's positions.

"The NJ2AS is reaching out to all the candidates running for President to come and meet with our membership and address the issues affecting the over one million law abiding gun owners in New Jersey," said Alexander Roubian, President of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society. "We have sent a letter to all the presidential candidates, on both sides of the aisle, to invite them to meet with our membership and clarify their positions on firearm ownership and 2nd amendment rights.  We have also included a questionnaire for the candidate‚Äôs to fill out and clarify their position on the 2nd amendment." (Questionnaire is attached)

The NJ2AS has been in existence for five years and represents the over one millions gun owners in the state of New Jersey and has thousands of active members.  The NJ2AS advocates for guns ownership and 2nd amendment right for all law abiding citizens in the state of New Jersey.

"We are looking forward to the responses of all the candidates, especially Governor Christie.  We have on numerous occasion reached out to our Governor to meet with our organization and clarify his positions.  We hope now that he is a candidate for the presidency he will take this opportunity to speak with his constitutes on firearms issues that are important to them," concluded Roubian.