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Home Phones, Cell Phones, Business Phones, Video Phones, and VoIP Phones, even your Internet Access is changing!

ALL 7 Categories of the Telecom Industry are at your fingertips to Profit from with this Breakthrough New FDIConnect INTERNATIONAL Opportunity!

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You will profit from all 7 categories of telecommunications
• Mobile Wireless
• Residential
• Video Phones
• Calling cards
• Business

• If you could easily make cell phone to cell phone calls to and from anyone in the world without romaing, long distance, connection charges, or per minute fees of any kind would you want to know more?
• Did you know that there is technology that will enable you to talk on your cell phone while flying in a commercial AIRCRAFT from coast to coast, without violating the "no cell phone" law, and at 0 cents per minute?
• FREE and UNLIMITED access to VIDEO CONFERENCES with or without a video phone, and for up to 23 people simultaneously, would you say YES?
• Did you know that you can have your own professional grade PBX phone system at your home or office that can route and control the cost of your personal, business, fax, VOIP, audio and video conference, and even your cell phone calls from anywhere in the world, for less than the cost of a single phone?
• If you browse the internet on your laptop at broadband speeds, using your cell phone to connect, while simultaneously talking on the same phone, at 0 cents per minute, and with UNLIMITED data download, with no data card, no credit check, and no contract for as little as $10 a month"unlimited would you be impressed?
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Up until now the wireless/telecommunications side of the home based business industry has been well known for paying out tiny commissions on services that are no better then what you or your friends already have...
We've Just Changed The Telecommunications Game
How would you feel about one low monthly fee for your Cell Phone, Text Messages and Internet?        

Now how would you feel if I told you that the plan was unlimited?  It's not very hard to see my point...

Here's What We Are Looking For:
The opportunity I represent is a very real, tested, and time proven opportunity that anyone can become successful with.  All that is required from you is a little training (we'll provide it) and a little elbow grease (you'll provide that).
We provide absolutely everything you need to get up and running with your own business immediately.

We will provide everything you need to get your business going immediately including a free lead capture page, marketing training and 24 hour support.

to save up to 95% of the money that they already spend!
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 • Unlimited calling in the U.S and over 60 other countries

• FDI owns the network. Not a reseller of the service

• Savings up 95% on money you are already spending elswhere. This is the perfect transfer buying opportunity, no selling, no chasing people, just telling others, it doesn't get any easier

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• Do this with NO Contracts, NO Credit Checks,& No Hidden Fees! FDI is Global

• Using cutting edge technology, save up to 95% of the cost of Telecom today.

                           CELLULAR                                 CALLING CARDS
                           RESIDENTIAL                             BUSINESS
                           VOIP                                            VIDEO PHONES
                                      HARDWARE & EQUIPMENT
Faster, Clearer, Smoother, Simpler,
and most importantly LESS EXPENSIVE!


Help customers reduce their wireless mobile phone and internet expenses and have unlimited calling, texting and internet accessibility for half the cost most are already paying elsewhere!  

NO Contracts, NO Credit Checks and NO hidden Fees, Taxes or Surchages!

• Telecom is a $4+ Trillion Industry worldwide, $1.3 Trillion in US Alone.

 • FDI goes International  and Launches simultaneously in the US and over 60 countries worldwide.
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