Giftgowns is an idea inspired by my own personal experience.  A few years ago I managed to land myself in the hospital after a cardiac arrest. No worries am all fine now, but when the dust settled and I had the opportunity to reflect on the experience, two things jumped out at me:

First, the standard blue hospital gown serves a purpose with its utilitarian design but it does very little to lift your spirits and in fact its image alone can spark fear and panic (think Jack Nicholson in "Something's Gotta Give").  If your time in the hospital is not short-lived, you may be inclined to hang up the blue gown for your own pj's but sadly you will find yourself reverting to the blue gown because your own pj's just don't work.

Second, all your pals and family want to bring you something to cheer you up but they struggle for good ideas.  Inevitably, you end up with a crazy assortment of well-intentioned but useless stuff.  This is where Giftgowns (or gg’s – sorta like pj’s) come in.

I have created these stylized gowns that not only have the right design features for your hospital stay but are comfortable and fun and they will  lift your spirits and bring a smile to your day.   I have had fun choosing the various slogans you now see available for purchase and I am excited to create more options as the demand for Giftgowns grows.

I welcome any ideas you may have based on experience or just fun and creative thoughts. I can be reached at info@giftgowns.com

Jackie Moss, Founder