Gifting Services is the premier celebrity gift suite and product placement company in America. Marketing and placing products for hundreds of companies not only at gift suites but also on television shows, movies and in print publications. Gifting Services places more products with celebrities than any other company in the industry.

When it comes to brand benefits, nothing compares to our gift suites. We lead the industry in just about every aspect of the gifting business. First, we are the only company that provides individual press walls for each brand. This means each celebrity will be photographed with only your logo on the red carpet. Red carpet photos are only useful when they contain only your brand's logo. We also provide each of our brands with a huge collection of photos in both high and low resolution. Other companies charge for this service, we don't. We are the company that does it right: We put a celeb in front of a press wall with only your logo, we take tons of pictures, then we give them to you in both low and high resolution. There is only one way to do it right.

Getting celebrity pictures is only part of the equation. Gifting Services also has a press release service that can generate press releases and post them for all the media to see. We also have services to post updates to your Facebook, MySpace and Twitter accounts. Building a brand's public image is a multi-step process and we can help like nobody else.

The crown jewel in celebrity gifting is to get your photos published in magazines or seen on television. Our pictures regularly appear in People, Ok, US Weekly, Life and Style and on many of the biggest television shows like Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, Regis and Kelly, E News, and dozens more. When it comes to getting pictures in the press nobody compares to Gifting Services.

Sponsor companies should always be concerned about giving large numbers of products to a company in exchange for a small number of celebrity photos. Most gift suite companies boast of "Past Celebrities" as an indication of who will attend their next event. Listing 30 celebs from the last 10 years as an indication of who is coming to a single event is misleading at best. The fact is most gifting companies only photograph 2 or 3 legitimate celebrities at any gift suite. They pad this with a few more actors who have been in small parts on small shoes. These are far from celebrities. How many products do they require in order to get these 2 or 3 celebs? Typically 200 to 300. Where do the other products go? They go to people who should not be getting gift bags.

Gifting Services guarantees 15 celebrities at each gift suite. We normally get 20. We also gift 10 publicists. This means your company only provides 30 gift bags in order to get 15-20 celebrities and 10 publicists. By comparison we give 100% of your products to legitimate guests. Other companies gift as little as 1%.

For some reason many other gifting suites have sponsorship levels. We provide each brand with proper service you cannot possibly have sponsorship levels. We don't have these levels as we feel they have no added benefit to the sponsor so we don't feel it is right to take money for a something which doesn't create value. We have a saying that we use repeatedly "There is only one way to do it right".