Find gift ideas for a birthday, wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, graduation, anniversary or any gift giving occasion. Giftlion.com is a free service dedicated to bring the best gift choices and ideas on the web.   Each user can create an account where he can manage his important dates to remember, create a wishlist of gift items he wants, manage his facebook friends along with keeping track of recently view items.  
What sets apart giftlion.com with similar gift recommendation sites is its brand new white elephant gift exchange game.  Users can play gift exchange game using his Facebook login or emails all year around.  Just click on "White Elephant Exchange Game" from the homepage, login using your facebook account.  You can see a list of friends you want to invite and either choose a gift from your wishlist or other popular gift items to bring to the gift exchange game.  Once all the players are ready to play, each participant can either pick or steal others' gifts.  
Not sure what to get for your loved one as a gift?  Does this person seem to have everything he/she needs?  Giftlion.com also offers fun personality profile quiz that help users find gift based on their recipient's personality type.  You know the old saying when it comes to gift giving,"It's the thought that counts."  At Giftlion.com, we just help you get there, just with more fun.