Gift Wellness was set up to help make life easier for women from all walks of life. Whether they’re here in the UK, suffering from the horrible effects of harsh chemicals in ordinary products; or whether they’re women who are the victims of war or disaster and have no access to sanitary pads... We aim to make a difference.

Main benefits of Gift Wellness Sanitary pads & daily pantyliners:
• Hypoallergenic, contain natural ingredients, luxuriously soft
• Only sanitary pads in high street with negative ion, far infrared technology made from Tourmaline mineral stone. Naturally antibacterial, fights infections & odours, regulates flow & balances hormones  
• Only sanitary pads to go beyond mere hygiene - to proactively promote women's good menstrual health
• At least 6 times more absorbent than ordinary brands
• Cuts landfill waste of sanitary pads by a third (due to higher absorbency, less product is used and thrown away)
• Friendly packaging & branding dispels taboos. Designed to be displayed alongside other nice toiletries. Celebrates women; don’t have to hide them away or be embarrassed
• Endorsed by Endometriosis Association of Ireland

Charity work:
• Gift Wellness was set up with the aim of generating a passive income for the Halimah Trust, the charity organisation established in memory of the daughter of Gift We Wellness's founder, Dr Zareen Roohi Ahmed.
• At least 10% of profits from Gift Wellness is donated to charitable causes, which focus on women in crisis situations, such as women in war-zones, where women's femininity is used as a weapon against them.
• BUY1 GIFT1 - for every pack sold at www.femidirect.com, one is donated to women in Syrian refugee camps.

Additional background information:
• 2 years of Research & Development
• UK, Midlands based company
• Gift Wellness has been trading since January 2013
• Already sold in over 1000 Natural Health Stores & Pharmacies across UK, Ireland & Europe (including H&B)
• Expanding product range
• Point of sale, marketing materials for retailers
• Nominated for Your Healthy Living Magazine – Best Toiletries Award 2013
Chamber of Commerce nominations:
• Most Promising New Business Award 2013
• Founder nominated for Business Woman of the Year Award 2014