Gigaom's Voices in AI podcast series serves listeners interested in the implications of AI beyond those of the daily news, who want to understand the metaphysical implications of AI, as well as the practical ones. Fifty episodes have been recorded to date, and they will be released steadily over the next three months. Previous episodes feature: Yoshua Bengio (Professor; author, Deep Learning), Oren Etzioni (CEO of [Paul] Allen AI Institute), Mark Rolston (argodesign), Jeff Dean (Google), Daphne Koller (Coursera), Nick Bostrom (Author, Superintelligence), Esther Dyson (Author, Investor), Soumith Chintala (Researcher at Facebook AI Research), Suchi Saria (Professor at John Hopkins), among others. Upcoming guests include: Manoj Saxena, Pedro Domingos, Stephen Wolfram, Hugo Larochelle, Tim O'Reilly, Nova Spivack and more.