Seeking family cosmetic dentistry? If so, you’ve landed at the right place!

Dr. Ginger Price is a Phoenix native who has been empowering smiles from her Phoenix Family Cosmetic Dental Practice since 1984. However, her impact goes beyond the state’s borders since she has also created a network of health care professionals across the USA and Canada.

Local Arizona residents fondly refer to her as “Dr. Ginger” since she takes a personal, intimate interest in not only the community, but also in each patient under her care. She is dedicated to revitalizing the smiles and lives around the world.

Ginger Price DDS Family Cosmetic Dental Practice attracts clients from around the nation and from all across the globe. This is because she provides unparalleled aesthetics in dentistry. Her unique aptitude comes from the fact that she blends her talents derived from her fine arts background with her cosmetic dental skills to create smile designs that dazzle.