Founded by renowned beauty expert Susan Giordano, the Giordano Beauty boutique is a little jewel box of a store filled with unique beauty treasures.  It is home to the debut collection of Giordano Beauty color cosmetics and a unique collection of skin care, bath & body and fragrances.
Remembering the beauty shopping experience of her youth, Susan set out to bring some glamour back into the picture.  "There was something missing in the beauty shopping experience.  It's been relegated to big box stores and overcrowded cosmetics counters.  Customer service is practically non existent and you find yourself subjected to sales tactics and a lack of beauty and product knowledge".

At Giordano Beauty, the deep teal walls host an array of vintage cosmetic ads, an homage to a bygone era in beauty.  It is also the home of something elusive and rare in the beauty shopping experience:  intimate customer service provided by an accredited expert in the field of beauty.

For over two decades, Susan's work has graced the pages of prestigious fashion publications and has been seen on some of the most recognizable faces in the world.  Frequently called upon to make runway trends more accessible to today's woman, she is known for a no nonsense approach to beauty:  "I don't think most women realize their beauty potential.  I am here to show you that with the right choice of product and technique, beauty doesn't have to be so complicated.  Really."