G.I. Records is a distributor of original music and video featuring up coming talented and consumer viable artists and their artistry. The Indie label based in Muncie, Indiana provides a home, and a multi-technological infrastructured advance platform that is capable of uploading music and videos and sending them to over 195 countries and territories filled with music fans who listens to various music genres. The company distribution covers almost the entire globe, with the rest of the globe being just water, and it does not cover that. The company is always growing and expanding and along with it's owner Mr. Andrew Drew Knibbs and his partners, they are always moving towards the cutting edge of the latest in music and video technology distribution. As the company grows along with its network of professionals with iconic years in the music business and industry, they are constantly on the look out for the next big talent, whether it be songwriters, producers, singers, hip hip rap artists, pop, rock, house, reggae, deep house, gospel, trance, soca music, calypso, funk, or instrumentalist, they have the ability to take any artist with desire, focus, dedication, discipline, humility, with or without a big budget, to that next level of their artistic careers. The company believe that every artist must understand marketing, advertising, promotion, and how much it will affect the sales outcome of any release. They believe in developing artist to their fullest potential, and this will be done by writing and recording the next big hit, taking them from Indie to Major one hit at a time.