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About Girl by the River

Like a river runs from the highest sources, dives down mountainsides and  through forests and cities all across the world, so a river runs through the lives of the young gilrs and women in this short story collection. As a silent witness, a soothing passers by or a roaring accomplice, the river flows through veils of time and great distances, playing a vital part in the lives unfolding in Girl by the River as they live through great obstacles and great losses, great accomplishments and great loves.  

About the Author

Norah Babington has worked professionally as an actress/dancer most of her life. She has studied and performed with artists across the globe, amongst them professors from the Peking Opera Academy in Beijing, to Theatre du Solèil in Paris, as well as having lived and worked with the neapolitan composer and musician Pino Daniele.
Her genuine curiosity of the human psyche and passion to dive into the multilayered drama that often makes or breaks human lives, drew her to her profession. The same passion to lead her readers into captivating stories where the gallery of characters become alive and their dreams, struggles and emotions tangible and real, is a driving force in her writing.
She now enjoys living in an English garden town with her husband and their golden lab.

About the Illustrator

David Wells Roth is an American fine artist and illustrator. His paintings are presented in collections throughout Europe and the US. His illustrations include the Wall Street Journal and the History Channel.
After living and painting in Europe for fifteen years, he now resides and paints in a small town in New England.