BAPART LLC is a minority-owned art retail business with the mission of creating art, apparel and accessories that uplifts women and helps them use art as a tool to tap into that “something bigger” than themselves. Brandie Adams-Piphus, principal artist and owner of BAPart strives to use art as a tool to tackle the issue of mental health in communities of color and foster transformation through arts education, art therapy, and creating therapy driven products that generates positive vibes and aids in fostering breakthrough.  After expanding her art line to national retail chains, including TJ Maxx Partner Stores, Brandie decided to build upon her arts education experience to teach young girls skills they need to enter future art careers, while learning to nurture self and foster good mental health.  The result was BAPART’s new program, Girl Creatives Unleashed Summer Art Camp with the aim of tackling the issue of mental wellness in Georgia communities targeting young girls.  

The camp will serve as a multidisciplinary arts hub designed to enhance your child's self-esteem and enhance academic performance by fostering creative thinking, problem solving and enhancing command of fine arts principles to shape the world’s future artists. The camp is founded upon the belief that art has healing power in helping shape developing, young minds. As girls navigate the challenges of growing up in a world that places many demands on them, art is a valuable tool proven to help youth build self-esteem and create an outlet to manage stress and regulate emotions. That's why Girl Creatives Unleashed is designed to foster exposure to various art disciplines as a tool to help young girls get into the practice of making time for "me" to find an outlet for expression, emotional regulation and self-management as they unlock their identity and unleash their unique form of self-expression through the arts.