Girls and Giggles is the brainchild of a fabulous mother-daughter team started several years ago in Sahuarita, Arizona. Our master plan is to provide products for girls and women of all ages that are exciting and fresh, emphasizing how fun it is to be a
woman. The flagship product for Girls and Giggles is the GG cap, a fitted baseball cap with an elasticized, Patent Pending ponytail hole. At a time when women are the largest and fastest growing segment in sporting wear, this is a very unique and much needed product. Women’s sporting headwear has been an underserved product category, and the GG Cap allows women and girls of all ages to wear a fitted ball cap and still have a comfortable and fun way to display their fantastic and beautiful hair.

Our goal is to expand the availability and number of Girls and Giggles products through manufacturing in the U.S.A., licensing, and other branding or co-branding opportunities. We are EXTREMELY excited about our Patent Pending ponytail technology. Girls and Giggles owns the patents, trademarks and the copyrights on the blueprints for tooling and dies.