Fast Growing Order Intake for Iron Ore and Minerals at the London Office

Iron Ore demand is growing everyday and we need to process more order inquiries. As you might have seen there is ongoing campaigns running from our company. Those are targeted towards demand of iron ore and we have many inquiries therein for iron ore and other minerals from Norway. I have under the last week processed one order and I have still inquiries from three different countries. In order to produce a current supply to market demand, I ask responsible for the respective mining companies to contact me immediately for the required information to clients demanding iron ore today! I need someone else to process some of these orders and I am therefore searching for trade relations among miners and supplies of iron ore in Norway.

Here we have compiled a knowledge base for the development of the iron ore project in Norway. We are working hard today to identify and agree on the demand for an international market. Our hope with this letter is to effectively provide information on important tasks in the development stages and through this find incentives for national collaboration.

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