There is always been a market for casual betters who bet only for the thrills of the bet. For them betting is a just a form of entertainment and not looking to cash into it big time. For them losing is an option. We wanted to tap into this market with a unique thought. Why not have the thrill of betting and the joy of giving all packaged into one.
You make a sports bet, the winnings of the bet goes to a charity of your choice, and you also win points which you can redeem for cool products form our online store. It’s a win win situation. Even if you lose you funds still go to a charity but not one of your choices.
This Idea has taken a few years to grow and blossom, currently the complete idea has taken shape, how when what why has been outlined. Now we need to get our hands dirty. We are looking for a funding of 25000 USD all of which will go in creating the website and marketing expenses. The success of this project lies in 3 components
1. Ability to gather a strong usage base for the website.
2. Ability to support the best charities around the world.
3. being fully transparent in all our business transactions.

The reason we've decided to start a crowd-funding campaign is to get people talking about our idea, create the buzz, the wave that we can ride on. We think for this project we plan to merge traditional and modern marketing techniques, tools & ideas, to make its successful. (Fully outlined plan will be given out to all the funders if the project hits its campaign mark)
The risk that we will be encountering is the fact that this a fully socially connected endeavor, and it is this connect that we need to establish, the connect between the users and the charities without which we will fizzle out in time. To ensure this we have decided to create portals, real time / daily updates on how the funds being used etc. With tie ups like globalgiving.org, we are sure we will be able to make a positive impact in the social and society fabric of the world.
By supporting us today you will be in turn helping out, changing lives around the world.  Today’s 25000 change turn into a million dollar charity in time.  And this doesn't happen too often. Our intentions are clear, we have seen well-meaning charities struggle because of lack of funding, we hope to try to fix it in the best possible way.
Hope I have made my point through and I hope you support my venture. We together will change one life at a time.