The Glamour Quotient is all about the beautiful, glittery, bright and shiny things that make us feel good and hot even if we can't own it right now. It's not necessarily about buying, but appreciating the best the world has to offer and wanting the best for your life.The Glamour Quotient features the best-in-class style, products, destinations, hotels, and people, places and things (our features) we can get our hands on. Everything here is all about fun, fantasy, delight and luxury. Glamour is everywhere if you know where and how to look for it. Glamour takes the humdrum out of our everyday existence and makes it all better.  

Glamour Quotient Communications encompasses a magazine, blog, TV network on Your Tube and coming soon, Glamour Quotient products and travel guides. You're a star, live life beautifully is our motto and motivator for all our readers.

You're a star. Live life beautifully.